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There's a scene in the 2014 film “César Chavez” where a group of Filipino farm workers gather in a labor camp and fill the night sky with cries of protest. It's a palpable call for justice in the face of violence, but one of the few times in the hour-and-a-half movie where Filipinos are shown on screen.
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Look, look -- it’s a bird, it’s a plane . . . a drone? An Angry Bird? No, it’s the Ibong Adarna.
It’s been celebrated and immortalized in the spoken word, Filipino graphic novels, stage, on screen, and in dance. It’s the Alamat ng Ibong Adarna (Legend of the Adarna Bird). It’s one of the Philippines’ own folk epic poems/stories—like “The Iliad,” “The Odyssey,” “The Ramayana,” “The Nibelungenlied,” “Chanson de Roland,” etc., of other cultures—and more specifically, for Filipino lore, it’s right u
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The so called Twilight Zone - between 60 & 150 metres - is one of the least explored areas of the ocean. A recent research trip by the California Academy of Sciences to the Philippines reveals its unique reef systems are home to many as yet undiscovered species - and sadly pollution too.
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