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Free banner ad promo

Your Ad will stay free for 1 month from the day your Ad is online.

How does it works?

If you have a business, then register it to our business index, its free and stays free! Here you can create a nice business presentation of your business (incl. pictures and videos). If you like, we do it for you (free)!. Then you have to create a banner ad. You can do it on your own (or you have allready some artwork avaiable) or contact a local graphic designer or contact us and we do it for you (free!). Then we add it to the Parrot page and it stays free for 1 month from the day of the campaign start!

"Parrot ad"

The banner ad is linked to your business presentation in our business index. If somebody click it, your business presentation shows up where you present your business with text, pictures and videos. This is new and unique! We call that style of advertising a "Parrot ad". Parrot Ads are time based, not ppc (pay per click).

The primary Ad Zone is located at top of the page and the Ads there will be shown twice as often than in the ad zone on the bottom of the page.

"Ad sizes"

There are different ad sizes. The prices are defined according to the size of the ad. Examples and prices are shown here.


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